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What is data entry admin panel ?

  • Admin panels of data entry softwares are link into asiandataservice's site where you can add ids and authorize the ids by your self. Once the ids added in the panel, the software will accept your data entry ids (note: you must add the id in the software too).

How to add id in data entry admin panel ?

screen shot of data entry admin panel : panel1 General *click to see larger

  1. USERNAME : used for login in software, example : asian001 (when you login in software, please use Username instead of REALNAME, you can make USERNAME  same as REALNAME )
  2. USERPASS : password for login in software
  3. REALNAME : Real login into your data entry's server site
  4. REALPASS : Real password for login into your data entry's server site
  5. SHARE AGE : If you set lower than 100%, software will show only several percent of real balance ( if you have someone works under you, you can try use this)

adding box :
Addpanel General
Is this official software from each server ?

  • The answer is no, We only sell 3rd party softwares, there is always option for you to not use software and use browser instead.

Will my Accounts get Banned using these software ?

  • There is always chance to be banned for using 3rd party software, use on your own risk
  • Make sure you have all the requirement , and stable Internet Connection.
  • Software will need regular update, please make sure you have latest update.

Software said "Login failed", what to do ?

  • Check if your login in kolotibablo, pixprofit or your captcha server already correctly input
  • try change your username / password without using any symbol (ex: !@#$%^&*()/?><)

Do I have to pay again for every update ?

  • all our softwares are free update and for life time

Software said "UnAuthorized", what to do ?

  • Check your firewall setting or your antivirus setting, make sure your firewall or your antivirus allow software to send or receive stream.
  • You must have wrong use of username for software, please see video on http://asiandataservice.com/faq/admin-panel/ about how to add ids correctly in software
  • Please check if you can open our website

Will you give refunds if your softwares not match with our computers ?

  • you can always try the sofware by your self before purchasing, but we dont give refund.

Are these businesses scam ?