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PixProfit.com ,High Paying data entry site

pixprofit PixprofitPixProfit.com is a data entry site that Pays 1$ per 1000 Captcha Inputted.

Pixprofit.com has System Priority, and all pixprofit's workers gets payments depended on their priority grade. The smallest number of pixprofit's workers priority will get higher rate.



Payment System of Pixprofit.com

  1. WebMoney.
  2. Perfectmoney
  3. Paypal


Note : Pixprofit site has 3 Server at the moment, which are : 

  1. http://Pixprofit.com
  2. http://Pixandprofit.com
  3. http://PixTyper.com

 For registration, you will need invite code. Please contact any teamleader to give you invite code

Recently payment proof by using asiandataservice.com (click image below to see bigger)

pixprof Pixprofit

See Pixprofit Software by asiandataservice.com in action video :